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Frequently Asked Questions

Which web browsers are supported?

Chrome, Firefox and Edge are currently supported. Safari is not currently supported due to lacking features. We hope to support it in the future once the required features become available.

Do I need to install any software or browser extensions?

No installs or extensions are required to make a screen recording. Just open a screen recording link within a supported web browser.

Are mobile devices supported?

No, it is only possible to make a screen recording using a desktop or laptop running a supported web browser.

What are the use cases for ScreenRequest?

Example use cases include customer support (identifying bugs and issues), usability testing, demos and feedback.

What is my Public Form?

Your Public Form is a web link where your customers or users can send you a screen recording at any time. You can link to it from your own website or application if desired. It can be enabled/disabled within your account preferences.

Are my credit card details safe?

Yes. Your credit card details never touch our servers. All payments are handled by Stripe (see detailed security information).

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