Simple screen recording with no installs

Receive screen recordings from customers and colleagues. Triage support issues or get feedback.

Screen Recording

How it Works

It's almost too simple to explain. Your customer or colleague send you a quick screen recording using their web browser. That's really it.


Share a link

Open a screen recording link within a supported web browser. No software installs are required!


Record screen

User records their screen and supplies any additional info. They can even choose to record audio.


Get notified!

You and your team are notified immediately when the screen recording has been uploaded.

Free up your time

Allow your users to send their screen recording at a time that suits them.

Asynchronous communication allows you to work efficiently across different time zones, reducing the need to coordinate screen sharing.

Screen Recording Demo

Easy to use

The screen recording interface is so simple that your users can use it immediately, without training.

To make things super easy, you don't need to install any special software or extensions. Get up and running immediately!

Easy Screen Recording


Adjust the look and feel of your screen recording form. Upload your own logo and set your preferred colors.

Decide where the user should be redirected after they upload their recording.

Branded Screen Recording

Built for teams

Allow multiple team members to review screen recordings from a simple dashboard.

ScreenRequest Dashboard

Use Cases

ScreenRequest is a simple but versatile screen recording tool that allows your customers and colleagues to easily send you a screen recording.



Receive screen recordings of issues and bugs. Save time diagnosing quirky or difficult to explain problems.



Receive essential feedback from users of your product by allowing them to send you screen recordings with microphone audio.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

See how others interact with your product and quickly identify what can be improved by allowing them to send you a screen recording.

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